The patent-pending Whisper Motion™ air brake has been developed for the HVAC industry and is utilized in our ultra-quiet spring return damper actuators. Our air brakes are also available on any geared Synchron hysteresis motor and can be used in any spring return type application. Read More

Air Brakes Features and Benefits:

• Reduces motor speed during spring return.
• Protects geartrain against impact loading at end of spring return.
• Reduces sound energy fivefold or more over the competition during spring return.
• No loss of performance during power open cycle.
• Non-contact air brake has no parts that can wear out.
• Non-electrical air brakes consume no electrical power.
• Available for clockwise and counterclockwise motors.
• Available on all synchron gearboxes.
• Look for the Whisper Motion™ trademark for Hansen Air Brakes (patent pending).

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Air Brake