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Brushless DC Motors
From ElectroCraft

ElectroCraft Brushless DC Motors (BLDC) are designed for high performance. BLDC motors are ideal for applications where rapid acceleration and high accuracy are called for. ElectroCraft Rapid Power and Rapid Power Plus BLDC motors have an efficient, compact design, with high torque density defined by high torque relative to frame size. With efficient design, speed, accuracy, and reliability, ElectroCraft BLDC motors are a found in a variety of mission critical medical, military, automation, and other precision applications. Read more

Please view our base product families, and don't hesitate to contact our BLDC application engineers for questions regarding your BLDC motor needs. ElectroCraft specializes in developing custom solution for the most demanding motion control projects. In addition to our BLDC product line up, please visit our Handbook and Application Guide for High Performance Brushless Motors.

RapidPower™ Xtreme Brushless DC Servo Motor

ElectroCraft RPX motors are very compact, highly controllable motors with class-leading torque per frame size performance. Highly energy efficient and ideal for embedded applications.

Low Noise RapidPower™ Xtreme Brushless DC Planetary Gear Motor

Exquisitely efficient small form factor BLDC motor that has peak operating efficiency at low RPM allowing custom integrated with a planetary gearbox. High torque from a small form factor, with low power consumption and peak performance at low RPM for quiet operation.

RapidPower™ BLDC Motor

ElectroCraft RapidPower BLDC motors are high-performance motors.

RapidPower Plus™ BLDC Motor

ElectroCraft RapidPower Plus™ motors provide a similar-sized standard BLDC motor with a cost advantage.