HVAC Motors

Hansen HVAC Motor Support

HVAC (Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning) is the technology of controlling indoor and vehicular environments. Occasionally HVACR is used to represent the additional field of Refrigeration. HVAC systems are essential in industrial and office buildings to manage the costs of heating and cooling, especially when the structure is large enough that it requires different temperature zones throughout the building.

Zoning is an HVAC technique used to control temperatures in larger structures by using either zone dampers to control airflow or zone valves that use water with a heat exchanger to control air temperature.

Hansen provides the HVAC market with a variety of motor and actuator assemblies. Primarily, Hansen supplies AC Synchron Motors used in zone valves and dampers. Hansen also manufactures the actuator assembly that includes the HVAC motor, an airbrake, spring return, and housing. An updated design uses an NMB Permanent Magnet motor that uses power to open and close the damper and eliminates the need for the spring.

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