Medical Motion Control

Hansen Corporation is a leader in medical motion control, providing a broad range of solutions to the medical device industry. Our line of controllable step motors and DC brush motors, with or without gearing, are ideally suited for the precision performance that medical devices require. Current applications include:

  • Robotic material handling in chromatographs and blood analyzers
  • Hospital bed controls, compression devices and fluid pumps

Hansen also offers the high level of support services the medical market requires. All production and engineering support is located at our U.S. facility so lead times are short and we're there when you need us. Product customization is another one of our specialties that allows you to get exactly the performance and dimensional specifications your application needs. All of this is offered in the low volume applications often required in medical markets, allowing Hansen to truly provide a total cost advantage for our medical customers.

These capabilities make Hansen the ideal partner in designing the motion control solution you seek. Contact Hansen Sales today and we'll show you what a real customer/supplier relationship is all about.

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