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Hansen Announces Whisper Motion Damper Actuator/Air Brake for HVAC Markets

Hansen Announces Whisper Motion Damper Actuator/Air Brake for HVAC Markets

Princeton, Indiana - February 2009 - Hansen Corporation is proud to announce the release of its ultra-quiet spring return damper actuator for the HVAC market. The Hansen actuator incorporates the patent pending Whisper Motion™ air brake and the always reliable Synchron® AC synchronous motor.

The air brake adds virtually no resistance during the power open cycle but adds drag as acceleration increases during the spring return cycle. This drag reduces rotational kinetic energy by 40% over a brakeless unit which is beneficial in 2 ways:

  • The slower return speed means longer life for the gearing but the big advantage is much quieter operation.
  • Sound energy is reduced 80% compared to a brakeless unit on an unattached actuator and that means the "wind-up" noise common to most actuators is dramatically reduced.

About Hansen Corporation - Founded in 1903, Hansen has built upon its timing control roots to become a market leader in small motor manufacturing. The motor product line includes hysteresis and permanent magnet synchronous motors, stepper motors and DC brush motors. Hansen specializes in providing the custom motor design and manufacturing solutions our customers need whether in large quantities or small.

Hansen Corporation is ISO 9001 and 14001 Certified.
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