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Hansen Corporation Announces Expansion of DC Gear Motor Lines

Princeton, Indiana - July 13, 2011 - Hansen Corporation, the leading manufacturer of a variety of DC Motors, Synchronous Motors and Stepper Motors, announces the continued expansion of their DC Gear Motor line with the Series 21-4 PMDC Spur Gear Motor and the Series 21-8 PMDC Planetary Gear Motor.

The new DC planetary gear option offers the strength and precision many industrial automation and medical applications require. Broadening the industrial automation offer is the addition of a 2" spur gear box to the series 21 DC motor allows for additional inexpensive speed options in a compact package. "Hansen Corporation has engineered the Planetary and Spur Gear Motors to assist in life and load requirements for applications with demanding specifications," notes Jeff Neumann, Manager of Hansen Design Engineering.

"The expansion of our DC offering will help us provide more complete, quality and cost competitive solutions for our customers, especially to the industrial automation, HVAC, medical and military markets," explains Rodney Lankford, Hansen National Sales Manager. "Hansen is committed to developing a wide variety of motion control solutions for their customers and this DC expansion is the beginning of a concerted endeavor to meet market needs and design challenges."

About Hansen Corporation
Founded in 1903, Hansen has built upon its timing control roots to become a market leader in small motor manufacturing. The motor product line includes hysteresis and permanent magnet synchronous motors, stepper motors, DC brush motors and clock movements. Hansen and our sales partners specialize in providing the custom motor design and manufacturing solutions our customers need in large quantities or small.

Hansen Corporation is ISO 9001 and 14001 Certified.
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