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Damper Actuator/Air Brake

Hansen Corporation is proud to announce the release of its ultra-quiet spring return damper actuator for the HVAC market. The Hansen actuator incorporates the patent pending Whisper Motion™ air brake and the always reliable Synchron® AC synchronous motor.

The air brake adds virtually no resistance during the power open cycle but adds drag as acceleration increases during the spring return cycle. This drag reduces rotational kinetic energy by 40% over a brakeless unit which is beneficial in 2 ways. The slower return speed means longer life for the gearing but the big advantage is much quieter operation. Sound energy is reduced 80% compared to a brakeless unit on an unattached actuator and that means the "wind-up" noise common to most actuators is a thing of the past. The name Whisper Motion™ was chosen to personify the consumer benefits for residential and office installations.

Hansen has manufactured motors for 100 years. Please call (812)385-1568 and let our engineers know how we can help with your synchron, DC (brush), BLDC (brushless DC), stepper, clock movements, actuator, and brake motor needs. Hansen is ISO certified ISO 9001 and 14001.


Hansen Corporation

Hansen Corporation has been keeping motors in motion for a Century. During these 100 years, Hansen Corporation has custom built motors (Synchronous, Stepper, DC) for the largest companies to the smallest. Hansen Corporation takes pride in providing a quality product while meeting our customer requirements and delivering the motors on time at a competitive price.

Hansen Corporation has been selling motors for various applications over 100 years that may consist of HVAC, POP displays, humidifiers, time recording equipment, printers, etc. Even though our motor may be used in a wide range of applications and by a wide range of customers, Hansen Corporation takes pride in being ISO 9001 and 14001 certified by our own employee’s efforts and accomplishments.

Hansen Corporation’s newest motor is the Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor. This motor is offered in a wide range of operating voltages and output shaft configurations. Looking for a rugged, reliable, quiet, low profile and cost effective motor call Hansen Corporation for motor details and how it can be used in your application.

Hansen Corporation is working on finding new motor applications for the next century. Hansen Corporation along with the world is concerned about the environment. Plan on seeing Hansen Corporation motors helping to restore and maintain the environment. Some of the new applications our motor will be used in are water purification, air sanitizer and disinfection for HVAC systems, clean rooms, etc.


Hansen Permanent Magnet and Servo Products

Hansen offers DC and Stepper motors. DC motors are used in automotive, office machine, and computer peripheral industries. Stepper motors are designed for precision motion control applications like computer peripherals, office machines and HVAC. Other custom products from Hansen include Synchron and Movements. Turn to Hansen for quality, on-time delivery and responsive customer service. Hansen is ISO 9001-94 Registered.


Series 148 DC Gear Motor

Hansen Corporation’s line DC Gear Motors features a Permanent Magnet DC motor mounted to our standard Synchron Gear Train. These motors are available in over 360 gear ratios, 800 output shaft designs, and 5 mounting configurations.

The standard Synchron gear train is rated up to 30 oz-in (212 mN-m) and used in ratios less than 300:1. Hansen’s one-way and two-way slip clutches can be used in many ratios for additional gear protection.

For higher ratios and torque requirements, our heavy-duty gear train rated at 98 oz-in (692 mN-m) is available on request.

The Permanent Magnet DC Motor is available in voltages ranging from 6 to 48 volts and features permanently lubricated sintered bearing. Motor life is dependent on speed, torque requirements, duty cycle, and start-stop cycles.

Hansen Corporation’s complete product line includes Stepper, DC, Clock Movements, and Synchronous motors.


Synchron Reset/"Spring Return" Motors

Hansen SYNCHRON timing motors are the industry leader in applications requiring spring return capability. The motor can be stalled indefinitely in speeds of 1 RPM and faster with no electrical or mechanical damage to the motor. This stalling capability coupled with consistent reset torques make the Hansen motor ideally suited for motorized valave and damper applications.

SYNCHRON motors are custom built using a wide variety of output shaft configurations, mounting styles, speeds, voltages, and frequencies. Hansen's complete product line includes Stepper, Brush DC, Hysteresis synchronous and Permanent Magnet synchronous.