Series 119-2, 3 - Size 19 Step Motor (pear gearbox)

The series 119-1 (1.9" diameter) permanent magnet step motor is available in 7.5 degree or 15 degree step angles and can be wound for bipolar or unipolar drives. Motors that are wound for bipolar drives can be ran from an AC voltage source using a capacitor to create a phase shift in the line voltage. This method creates a simple, low cost reversing drive. Hansen motors can be custom wound for any voltage up to 240V. The series 119 stepper is also available attached to a Hansen pear shaped gearbox with virtually an unlimited number of gear ratios to chThese gear motors feature a Hansen size 19 step motor on a pear shaped gearbox. Nearly 3,000 unique gear ratios are available from 5.3:1 to 72,000:1. The thinner, standard duty gearbox can handle intermittent torque levels up to 80 oz-in and continuous torque up to 40 oz-in. The thicker, heavy duty gearbox can handle up to 200 oz-in intermittently and 100 oz-in continuously. Consult the factory for your exact needs. Read More

Optional Features:
  • Voltages up to 240V
  • Custom leads and terminations
  • Custom output shaftsose from.

Wiring Diagram
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