Why Hansen


Hansen demands Total Quality.

We don't just sample each batch of motors; we test every one of your motors before shipping. We also fabricate the majority of the parts needed to build your motors in order to reduce the variables in quality that come with the use of outside vendors.

Total Quality is officially recognized under the Quality Management Institutes (QMI) registration program for the ISO-9001 series of quality standards.

Total Quality is always recognized by you, because you don't have to think about your Hansen motors once they're installed.

The Hansen Corporation Quality Policy

Hansen customers expect to receive a quality product with every motor they receive. We shall measure our progress toward this objective by tracking warranty statistics. Our customers require a quality product form all vendors to assure that their end product is of the highest quality level possible. Every employee has a tremendous impact on quality, which leads to customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction. Each Hansen employee is responsible and accountable for the quality of his or her work.

Top Management is dedicated to and will continually be involved in quality improvements and creating an encouraging environment for all employees.

Quality is imperative to our longevity. Therefore, commitment to quality will be an everlasting and strategic part of daily activities and planning at the Hansen Corporation.