600 Series - Synchron K Mount
Deep Pear Shaped Gearbox

Typical Applications

  • Damper Controls
  • Clocks
  • Valve Controls
  • Mechanical Timers
  • Time Stamps
  • Chart Recorders
  • POP Displays

Synchron 600 Series, K mount, AC timing motors offer all of the features of our C mount unit but the deeper gearbox allows more room for gearing so that we can achieve those extra slow speeds. The K mount unit can be geared down to a speed of 1 revolution per week. Various windings for either 24, 110 or 220 VAC and 50 or 60 Hz permit a wide range of application power sources. Shaft torque, rated at 1 rpm, ranges from 8 oz-in to 40 oz-in depending on the selected winding and the wattage rating (3, 4, 5 or 6 watts). Maximum dynamic torque is generally limited to 30 oz-in with a static output torque limit of 90 oz-in. The motor is permanently lubricated and requires no maintenance during its lifetime. Gear material has been selected for the quiet operation and long life required in time measurement instrumentation and event recording applications.

Additional Product Details

Synchron K Mount Outline Drawing

Technical Drawings

Synchron K Mount Standard Options

Synchron A & D Mount Standard Options

Synchron K Mount Performance

Synchron A & D Mount Performance

Synchron K Mount Motor Options

Synchron A & D Mount Motor Options

Synchron K Mount CAD

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Synchron K Mount Motor Data Sheet

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